job offer advice

i wish all l3 candidates much luck for this coming tuesday. looking at the pass rate of l1 (june) 2009, it seems likely that the pass rate might also be higher for l3 this year compared to previous years. i passed l3 one year ago finished l2 of CAIA in march 2009. (i currently try to prepare for FRM, but motivation is quite low.) i was wondering whether some of you could share some thoughts on a job offer. - i currently hold a job in insurance asset management that deals with external asset managers, implementing investment strategy (SAA; TAA) and ad hoc risk management initiatives when our risk management team thinks we should contain this or that specific risk (counterparty, ALM, etc.). - the job is a generalist role and junior as i mostly assist more senior people and have little exposure / responsibility to sit in committees and present solutions. i prepare the analysis and presentations, but someone else would speak to decision-makers. - my boss offered me a role in the reporting department of our firm, where potentially two people would report to me. the department deals with tasks such as populating returns in systems, running queries and reports, helping investor relations with Q&A about investments, planning investment income, impairments and things like that. it would be dealing with finance and accounting people, instead of with asset managers. - i could stay in my current role (there is no pressure to move to the new role, it is an offer to an internal candidate before an external search is started). - in my current role there is little room for promotion in the next 2 years. - in case i took the new role, i would be promoted. i was told that the offer is part of a rotation programme to expose myself to different areas and stakeholders in the firm (e.g. finance) in order to expand my internal network and progress. - i am afraid to end of in a boring reporting function and get stuck there or pigeon-holed when people look at my CV. (this is a reporting/back-office person!) - i would have no impact on economic results, but simply report and comment on performance figures and deal with finance concerning impairments, etc. on the other hand i realize that my current role (which i enjoy) has limited potential for career advancement. moving to the new role would train new skills and help climp the career ladder by potentially switching jobs with more responsibility in 2-3 years. do you have any thoughts on this situation? do you think one should take up such opportunities even though it might not be interesting on day to day basis? is it important to be exposed to different departments to improve oneĀ“s understanding of a company and move up the corporate ladder? i do not see myself as a subject specialist (trader, PM) but as a generalist manager in asset management. looking externally to find a role that gives me the career progression / next step in an investment role with more responsibility is difficult in this job market and in fact i like my company (good atmosphere and smart people). perhaps you have experienced similar situations and would like to comment. i would be thankful for any input. thanks!!!