Job Oppertunity, what to do?

I have an offer to work for an Investment Consulting Firm (a major one) as an Investment Analyst, I was wondering if this is a job that could possibly open alot of doors? or is it too specific to allow for career growth outside of Investment Consulting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would say your career growth from that position would be strong to quite strong.

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Playing a ton of golf…started back to work last Tuesday. Figured it was time to revisit the forum.

Turkish could you shed a little more light, I was a bit vague in my original message… I’ll elaborate. It’s an analyst position reporting to two principals who are both consultants. Their primary role consultants is to provide advisory assistance to a multitude of high net worth individuals / pension boards / trusts, they consult on selection of asset managers and portfolio asset allocation. However they do not hold any assets and they do not do any form of equity analysis. My role would to be to provide reports based on in firm research to support the consultant’s advisory recommendations. The two principals (consultants) both have CFA as well as a actuarial designations (FSA / FCA), from these credentials one could assume that it is not a joker line of work. However, I really don’t know or understand their line of consulting as it quite specific. I do not have reservations about working for this consulting firm in that I believe that the work would be really interesting, my only concern would be how is this line of work regarded within the Finance industry. As in would it provide opportunity to move within the finance industry? I could imagine that it might provide opportunity to move into a portfolio associate position, but I really don’t know. Thanks for all the help.

Turkish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Playing a ton of golf…started back to work last > Tuesday. > > Figured it was time to revisit the forum. welcome back Turkish…missed you around here. how have things been? sounds like you had a fun summer…was it tough getting back to work?