Job opportunities for CFA L1??

I from India and I am interested to do job/work experience in the field of Private Equity and Venture Capital in UK or USA which has better work opportunities and global exposure

Cleared Level 1 in Dec, 2011 and registered for Level 2 in June, 2012

Can anyone guide me regarding the job opportunities in UK or USA (Does CFA help in getting good jobs)? I have a work experience of about 10 months.

Please please people provide me guidance on this matter… Extremely important for me…

Passing L1 means nothing.

You have a point. Remind me to never mention my exams to employers, because what difference does it make, right? It’s not like they pay more, or want you to pass the exam to get promoted or anything.

Not to sound mean, but save the money on plane tickets and don’t come.

Passing CFA1 literally means nothing, and it means even less in the fields you are looking at. There wasn’t anything in Level one that would directly benefit you in VC or PE. And to get into these fields, you typically need at least 2 years of banking experience, which you obviously don’t have.

Yea, not only is the finance hiring market really sh*tty right now, PE and VC positions are an ELITE CLUB. You need to have come from a top business school with connections, or stellar work experience.

If you try to go in and say “hi, i’m from india. i just passed L1 and I know my stuff” you’ll get laughed at.

problably won’t happen…

Tempted to be mean, but…basically you have no chance unless you have a top tier MBA or any good connections in the industry. Yes I’ve seen exceptions, but they’re just that.

There are exceptions but it is extremely rare. What everyone else is saying is correct. It’s even harder coming from outside the US or UK to break in.

And trust me, it’s hard enough as it is to break in even if you’re from the UK or US. It’s not impossible in your situation. Just extremely difficult and unlikely.

^^Boy, this guy is negative! And to think he has failed Level II twice and still trying!! What a hypocrite this Iteracom guy is!!

Look below.

It’s simply the truth.

That is totally incorrect. If you want to even try to critize someone, get your facts right.

Can anyone guide me regarding how to get a financial analyst job or a job in the finance sector in UK or USA??

What is your detailed background - work experience, age, universities attended, other skills, etc. ?

passing level 1 means you studied more than 65% of the people that paid $1000usd and went to the test center

passing level 1 means you studied more than 65% of the people that paid $1000usd and went to the test center

passing lvl 1 is a BFD in Pakistand and Zimbabwe

^ don’t forget, it also means you are given the privilege of paying another $700 to take level 2

Anything worth getting takes time and effort and in the process you will face lots of hurdles and failures. It’s hard… that is why it’s so desireable. Keep at it man.