job posting: SEC Market Abuse Unit positions

(don’t contact me – and I see there’s no contact information below, so if interested you’ll have to track this down, perhaps on an SEC web site) The principal functions of the Market Abuse Unit include developing and maintaining significant specialized knowledge and expertise in the identification and investigation of large-scale abusive market practices by investment banks, broker dealers, institutional investors and market professionals associated with them. The Unit is seeking securities industry experts, including those with experience in Trading, Investment Banking, Investment Research, Quantitative Finance, and/or Algorithmic or High Frequency Trading who have worked at securities-related firms including, but not limited to, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Investment Companies, Private Equity Firms, Research Firms, Broker/Dealers, and/or related entities. More details can be found in each of the four postings. Candidates are encouraged to apply to all positions for which they are eligible. Applicants for the three permanent positions may also find the 2-year Market Abuse Fellow position (with possible extension to 4 years) of interest. Securities Compliance Examiner (Securities Markets Specialist – Market Abuse Unit) Securities Compliance Examiner (Securities Operations Specialist – Market Abuse Unit) Securities Compliance Examiner (Quantitative Financial Analyst – Market Abuse Unit) Securities Compliance Examiner (Market Abuse Fellow – Market Abuse Unit) Please note that the salary ranges go as high as $209k/year, depending on location. These job postings will close within the next two weeks, so please apply soon.

So 2.5 years after Madoff the SEC has finally decided to expand its operations by 4 people. Awesome

You never know. Maybe they will get the Chuck Norris of compliance.

Why are you pitching SEC jobs?

That book by Markopolos was hilarious. He would spend hours explaining CFA level 1 material to the lawyers at the SEC and they still didn’t catch Madoff. The only jobs I’d want in the government are listed in the Constitution, but 209k ain’t bad.