Job prospects after passing Level 2

I have put my resume online (after passing CFA Level 2) on various websites but have not seen any response for CFA kind of jobs. I have also applied to some jobs in asset management companies. I have my MBA in Finance and four years of financial reporting experience in corporations (not financial services companies). I am wondering if I will be able to get a break in the financial services industry for CFA kind of job. A media company has approached me with a good Operations/IT job offer and I am not sure if I should pursue it. If anybody has any serious input, please let me know. Thanks!!

Where r u located?

I am located in the New York/New Jersey area. Also am willing to relocate to Philadelphia or Stamford/Greenwich areas for good opportunities.

manishsd - i think CFA L2 helps, but it still boils down to your work experience and how you pitch yourself. i’m also a L3 candidate and am going into round 2 interview with BB in equity research w/top ranked analyst. i think L2 helped me.

My friend sent me few CFAI postings, where they specifically ask for L3 candidates (must have passed L2). However, experience trumps qualifications, as pka mentioned.