Job prospects for Level II (and then Level III) candidates?

I just passed the CFA Level I exam in December. Additionally, I work in the back office doing fund accounting in Dallas (I started in early June 2007) and have two thirds of my MS Finance completed at Texas A&M University with a 4.0 degree plan GPA. Before I passed the CFA Level I exam, I contacted recruiters up in New York to talk about how I can break into the front office on the buy side. The comments I received were that I should try advancing in the back office and that I had virtually zero experience (these conversations took place in November). Of course, since that time, my educational background has solidified with more classes completed and I have passed the CFA Level I exam. I plan to graduate from Texas A&M in December 2008. What job opportunities should I realistically expect to be able to pursue right now having passed the CFA level 1 examination? Also, what additional doors may I expect will open if I pass the CFA level 2 exam, receiving the results in August, and I maintain my 4.0? Thanks!

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SanyaizSanDiego Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > TA05 email me at Hi Sanya. I would also be interested in hearing your response to this question, being a candidate in the Southern California area. Would it be allright if I email you as well?

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Just curious, there are no on campus recruiting at A&M? Why do you have to go to a recruiter?

Hi tao5: Can you please also share with me your answer? Best, Fernando

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There is recruiting at Texas A&M, but it is geared much more towards undergraduates and much more towards Texas employment. However, I am utilizing both independent recruiters and campus career resources.

Close to zero…it’s a bear market