Job Prospects in Singapore

Hi everyone here,

I am wondering if there are forumites from Singapore. I am keen on relocating to Singapore (currently based in Hong Kong but finding difficulty securing jobs mostly because most jobs here in HK require Chinese language skills and lately all we hear are job cuts). What are the prospects of securing an anlyst position in risk (market and credit risks), investment research and related roles there? I have an MS Financial Engineering, PRM and also currently CFA L3 candidate (should be writing FRM after the CFA exam).

I was in Singapore last year looking for work. Many opportunities there. I had no problems getting interviews but never received an offer. Being a CFA candidate will help get your foot in the door for interviews but experience is more important. It is a very competitive market and the goverment is pushing employers to hire Singaporeans over foreigners. The government recently discontinued the the EPEC program which allows job seekers to stay in the country for up to year while seeking employment so now you will have to leave when your visa expires. Many employers and recruiters I spoke with indicated that it was harder for them to get Employment Passes approved.

Singapore is a very expensive country. Most foreigners I met working over there received there jobs from abroad so their company picked up most of the expenses. You will also notice that most only stay the duration of their contract and you don’t meet many people who relocate their permanently. It’s a sterile country with many rules and regs. Keep that in mind before deciding to head there permanently. On the plus side, its a great travel hub and you can get anywhere in SE Asia within 4 hours.

There are a ton of buy side jobs in Singapore. A lot of firms investing in China and Japan are based there for tax reasons (also HK). I interviewed with several firms there last year but did not see a good fit. I’m sure if you kept at it you would be able to land a job.

You might also consider enrolling in INSEAD’s one year MBA program, which has a campus in Singapore, and might help you transition to a front office role.