Job prospects

I’m taking my L1 in Dec and hoping to pass the L2 in June of '09. Got the inspiration to go for this after getting laid off from a consulting gig in which I was primarily selling a cash mgmt solution to financial institutions. I’ve been in the financial svcs industry since '00 out of college, however its primarily been on the front end. (i.e. mortgages/ personal banker/ etc). I’m an econ guy and have really soured on dealing w/front end BS and want to return to a more analytically based gig. I thought the CFA could help me cross the bridge since I haven’t really been in a job that leverages analysis skill sets…to a large degree. with all that said, can I expect to become an attractive job candidate after I pass L1? How about L2? With limited experience but CFA cred, what kind of jobs can I expect? thx! mc

This topic has come up before. Seems general consensus is that most enter the program with the same hopes (myself included). Unfortunately, most employers aren’t impressed if you are a Level I, II, or III candidate. You only start to impress once you pass Level III. FYI-I am a Level III candidate.

I think good experience + completion of Level I will help but with limited experience, it may be hard to break into investment mangement above entry level positions. Not saying that it can’t be done but it is an exceptionally tough job market. Best of luck.

trunin, So you haven’t noticed an uptick in job prospects as of yet? Or are you already gainfully employed where you want to be? fwiw, since being laid off I’m working a gig, however it’s well outside of my focus…but hey, it does pay the bills…if only barely. mc