Job Recruitment Email

lol my coworker got this email… anybody need a job? -----Original Message----- From: XXXXXXXXX [mailto:XXXXXXX@XXXX.COM] Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 5:17 PM To: XXXXXXXXXXX Subject: Incredible job Opportunity! Hello We found your ad of work search. First of all let me introduce. We are the large financial company. The main types of activity: securities,exchange services,trading services,broker intermediary. During the global crisis we have obtain a lot of customers who are waiting for jump of the basic stock quotes. Most of the newly acquired customers is in the Canada. Due to features of the legislation we cannot work directly with physical persons. To do this we need an authorized representative or official representation. As we did not expect huge interest from the Canada - the opening of representation is not included in our plans. In connection with the aforesaid, we are looking for responsible person for mediation services which will be the official representative in your region. In more details we will tell to you in case of your interest. Send your interest note ONLY to:

I’m not sure if anyone reads Pearls Before Swine but this sounds like it was written by the Crocs.