Job search dilemma

I am currently in search of a job.
One particular address stands out in terms of speed. And being backed by the private equity money.

I went through multiple rounds of interviews with them. And now I am being asked to do a sort of in-depth research for them. I have no problems with the assignment as is, I can do it, however, it is quite a time-consuming undertaking that is very specific too, plus I am a seasoned candidate. Allright, their choice.
However, I do have an issue with this step not being announced earlier and the company taking a very affirmative way to communicate this step). I would have expected some explanation around this step not being addressed earlier.

And, how shall I better put it, with their expectations being higher and their transparency lower than that of larger and more established businesses.

Left wondering about the process, I went on to research employees’ reviews on this business and the businesses run by the people I spoke to and this is the point when I have lost sleep and nerves. Common complaints are lack of transparency, dishonest management, lack of job security and even the practice of reneging on offers.

Some criticism points I can even relate to: non-transparent structure the company would not comment on, as well as me missing the understanding on who relates to whom.
I can even attribute some criticism to the current situation, but nope, the reviews were the same across different periods of time.

It all comes down to the question if my future job contract will be valid in my current jurisdiction? And what kind of contract terms are we talking about? It would help to know this now.

Yes, I do have a troubled feeling now. What I have read and researched was not one random review but multiple reviews with similar conclusions. Experience tells me to trust my intuition.

How strange would it be to confront the company with the legal questions on my future contract right now?

You should always do your due diligence. If you are in desperate need of a job, even if the plan is for this job to be temporary, then I’d moderate my questions. But if you aren’t desperate, I’d get to the bottom of it. Not sure what you mean by legal questions

We are talking fragmented structure spread across jurisdictions. I have never dealt with HR departments based overseas.

I’m still not following, probably a language barrier. But I’d get answers or walk.

The job market is dead here. And I do need a job. A job that pays money and that is the point. How will I impose my claim to money if my job contract is, say, with some overseas entity?

Isn’t it better to have a probability of getting paid while still looking for work instead of the 100% probability of getting nothing?

The question is if there is money for anyone but the PE in the end.
But I see your point.

If you can earn money then do it?

If I have followed this correctly, you interviewed for some PE firm not in your country and after a few rounds of interviews, they have asked you to do a project of some sort for $0 or some vague promise of $$$. On top of that, this firm has less than glowing reviews and you don’t have 100% faith that they will hire you or even pay you. Is that right?

Not quite. It is a PE portfolio company with a complex structure. The PE firm is an address I would love to work for but the PE porftolio firm is the worst job you can get (in my eyes), given ZERO job security. The management of the portfolio company is whom I will be working with and these people have everything but great reviews. The PE has no idea I am doing this assignment, their meet and greet part is over.
I have a problem with having 10 years experience in much bigger and profitable (!) companies and having to o this assignment for a Covid-hit, loss-making operation. When I read multiple reviews on “untruthful management” I gotta interpret it as a signal right. I am sorry but I would not buy a stock in this company, why should I want to work for them?
The decision is made, I have already turned down this job.