Job Search Help

Two questions regarding the job search process: 1. What are the pros/cons of sending in an example of relevant work for a specific position? Upon graduating from undergrad a few years back, I attached a research piece I wrote in one of my finance classes and it was pretty beneficial. While I’ve heard many people agree that doing this coming out of undergrad is a good idea, is it a good idea for someone coming from a small buy-side shop? Specifically, I’m considering sending a model. Would the actual Excel file be a little too much? Would a simple write-up with snapshots of the model suffice? 2. If yes to question #1, is it an absolute necessity that the piece have absolutely no connection towards my current place of employment? Thanks

I see nothing wrong with sending a model or smaple equity report. Sometimes, it might not hurt to say “hey, im jamming on something for a stock I really like and would love to get some extra eyeballs on it – think you can give it a quick look on your free time?” that should work. excel files – only send if asked. they might ask, maybe not. Usually, a good ol PDF of yr report should do it

Thanks daj, anyone else?

Before senting a model to someone you could try to call him/her and explain your position. I know that everybody is busy and may be someone will not give a *£$*t about you…but if you are lucky you can find the right person. Good luck