"Job Shadow"

I have recently been able to sign up for a chance to a attend a “day in the life of a Valuation Analyst” Below are the details of the event. *Name of host has been changed* Frank will be speaking on the following topics: personal education and experience path, duties and responsibilities, continuing education, related industries, skills gained, employer desires, potential career paths, words of wisdom, etc. After the presentation, event members will join Joe in a tour of Chartwell’s Minneapolis offices and “job shadow.” Frank has provided valuation services to privately-held companies since 2004. Much of his professional career has been dedicated to Employee Stock Ownership Plans and providing independent financial advisory services to ESOP Trustees and other corporate fiduciaries. He also has significant experience on valuation for financial reporting purposes. This is my first time seeing something like this and if anybody has any tips, recommendations, or questions that i should ask from your collective years of wisdom id appreciate you sharing to ensure i get the most out of it. The guy is a CFA charter holder that will be putting this day on so gotta bring my A game. Also i was thinking wearing a suit, correct right? Thanks in advance for your wisdom

Dude, I’m going to this. “Frank” is actually a really cool guy and the firm he works at is a huge Tommie shop. I’m planning on wearing a suit. Frank’s firm works in transaction services and valuation. ESOP plans are a huge component. Otherwise their niche is strict valuation. They feel they have more independence since they are not connected to an investment bank or accounting firm who could otherwise attempt to cross sell other services along with the valuation. Bring your A game, be respectful, and ask any question that pops up. See ya there.

An interesting question might be what the firm’s view on the pending Dept of Labor rule change to broaden the definition of a “fiduciary” to include the appraiser. This is going to a huge factor for those BV firms that have a large % of clients being ESOPs. From the perspective of someone that is already in valuation but not at all concentrated in the ESOP world, I’m glad to not have that concentration as I don’t know if the consulting fees would be adequate to cover the potential liability insurance that would be necessary as a result of this change. I think a question along these lines would demonstrate a basic knowledge of this business.

So his name’s Joe huh?

Quant- email sent BValGuy- That is a great question. Now ill really sound like i know what im talking about. I will have to do some serious reading up in the next few day though to prepare. Analyze- Google Master! I just didn’t want his whole name out there so that it pops up every time somebody googles him, that wouldn’t be nice. Especially b/c i already named the firm. Thanks again guys.

Yo Ski, I thought it was a well done presentation today. Though the live CFA vs. MBA talk really brought up some deja vu.