Can’t believe I am missing Joba’s starting debut : (


Mr. Joba Chamberlain

and that/he is???

Joba Walkies?

Joba the Hutt?

Joba the Hut???

Now that is wild. Exact same time.


They call Justin Chamberland “Joba the Heat” on the Yankees :slight_smile:

Big Babbu, Big Babbu, Big Babbu ok I think you’re good.

yankees still playing?

Phillies Baby!!! Has any team ever had back to back to back MVP’s three years in a row, three different guys.

yankees suck sorry MGG…i couldnt resist :slight_smile:

boston Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yankees suck > > sorry MGG…i couldnt resist :slight_smile: Agreed.

We have Sunday to watch Joba’s 2nd start and be able to recover from the largest hangover ever possible.

i was under impression Joba was already playing majors no?

Mr. Good Guy- Finally someone with his priorities straight. I watched Joba and did mock exam at the same time. After 6 long months, I figured WTF. The 1st inning was a little bit of nerves but he got three bad breaks with an awful strike zone, an even worse balk call and a pass ball. He impressively worked out of a bases loaded jam though and then cruised. All and all, considering the hype, not bad. Ill take the same on Saturday. Crush it on June 7th. Ill be taking it in the city and then catching a cab straight to Belmont to try and catch Big Brown make history.

he stunk it up today, 4 walks, wtf, does not help my fantasy team

WOW. The Jays lite him up good tonight.