Jobs after Level 2`

Hi there guys I am little curious bout a couple of things. i am working as a Relationship Manager for past 2 years.cleared my Level 1 in december dint add much weight to my cv. Even more surprising was the fact that the HR people at some banks here dont even know what CFA is and its added value ( its only the MBA tantrum in India as of now ). i know people with no or not even basic understanding bout portfolio mgt taking huge salaries. Secondly, will it really if i want to change my field frm investment advisory to an equity analyst role. Would love to hear your views guys. Cheers

Need to get the entire CFA and an MBA at a top school. I’m going to Notre Dame this fall for an MBA in Finance with a subconcentrate in financial engineering. I hope to have the CFA when graduated, and want to begin a career in investment banking. Go for the gusto. The global economy’s increasingly competitive.