Jobs for CFA L3 Candidate

All, I an Engineer and hoping to switching to finance. I had appeared for CFA L3 this time in June and hopefully should pass out. Now comes the tougher part of finding a JOB in Finance in this market. With a considerable effort and a huge pay cut I could probably get a corporate finance job but I am more interested in getting into Equity Research, Derivates, Fixed Income Trading, etc kind of interesting jobs. I have no idea how to approach and am looking for a mentor/friend who can give me some pointers on how to go about this herculean task. BTW I have a 750 + GMAT score and good at math modeling. For the starters I would like to know I am shooting for something too much. Please send me your suggestions. They are invaluable to me. Thanks.

Did you come out of a good undergrad program/university? Can you use your university’s career center? Apply to MBA school? Use their career center? What’s your work experience like? If you work for Utilities company maybe you have a good shot at switching to ER and landing position that covers Utilities sector.

Engineer’s tend to make good VCs as well. They tend to have the roledex and the technical know-how already.

best bet - VC. What would add to the benefit of being an engineer would be if you have worked in a niche segment…take that and research which VC’s are playing in that segment…is what Id do.

Well, I am in semiconductors. Should try to write to VCs as you guys suggest. But seems like a long shot getting into VCs. I graduated from UMich so should tyr to contact their Career Centre. Thanks for the input