Jobs in FX

What types of jobs are out there for FX? Buy-side/Sell-side? Broker-Dealer, Institutional, etc. What kind of background do they have? How stable is the product? I guess everything is pretty broad but I just wanted to put this out there. Thanks

it;s a small market, don’t think there is much out there.

Well, I guess BiPolarBoy only needs to land one job, and it being a small market can actually be an advantage in some cases.

Really a small market? I thought currencies is the deepest, most liquid, market in the world used by Governments, Corporations, Banks, insitutions, etc to finance international trade and investments. I would never thought it would be small. Money is always in style.

lol it is the biggest market, sarcasm… its also one of the few markets that is doing very well right now particularly on the sellside since banks are moving away from complex/structured products to a more customer flow based model.

Exactly, I can’t really see why FX would ever not be needed unless globalization stops. Any idea on how I can get my hands wet in the FX markets?

BiPolarBoyBoston Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Any idea on how I can get my hands wet in the FX markets? No…but I know where you can get your feet dirty. Are you just looking to trade a personal account or get a job at an institution?

Same as any other area… like equity or Fixed Income. You can either be buy side or sell side. Banks will have a FX desk that is often lumped with their commodities and interest rate desks. I handle FX for my company. FX sales guys sell me products (options, forwards, hedges, etc…) provide research, give me tickets, etc… They have FX traders who actually trade the currencies for the banks. Then you have the buy side. (FX Concepts, etc…)