Jobs in London

Hi All,

I’m looking at potentially moving to London soon, and was wondering what the market is like. Surely it is a bit easier to get a job there in asset management/research since its such a huge financial market compared to many other cities?

My experience is in economics and valuations with big4, then I have about 6 months experience M&A’n for a mid tier firm. Also, I’m a charterholder. I so much would love to break into a role in research/AM, but it’s very unrealistic in a place like Australia with no experience in the field, as the market is so small, plus if it was an entry position, the pay cut may be huge.

London from what I’ve seen is more about bigger picture investing. ER jobs are also structured like that, which is why associates may cover 2 totally unrelated sectors. since you have some exp, it shouldn’t be too bad for you

Interesting, but have you ever been in the London market?

i should add when I say mid tier m&a that’s with a mid tier accounting firm.