Jobs in NY for L-2, prospect for third world citizen.

Hi guys: I am heading towards NY by September, 2008. Presently working as Head of Credit in Mortgage and Personal Finance. Basically evaluating personal credit and appraising real estate project at the origination of loan. I have more than 5 years experience in this area in underdeveloped market. Leading 16 member team of credit officers, mostly of graduate level. Have MBA Finance from a the best Business school in our country, passed CFA L1, repeat candidate of L2 this year. I have to stay about four to five years in NY, my spouse is persuing PhD in Columbia University, NY. Can I get a job in finance in NY, given I pass L2 by that time? Do you have any suggestion for me that help me prepare for a descent (however in my standard) job? I would be grateful to you for pragmatic suggestions. Thank you very much.

What do you want to do?

third world citizen… wow and I thought you would have said emerging market citizen :slight_smile:

well, analyst job, fixed income excites me.

Emerging market, may be euphemism. Per-capita nominal income is less than US$500. PPP income about US$ 2000. Market capitalization is not comparable to other emerging market. Manufacturing sectoral base is not robust. Highest contributor of foreign exchange is remittance, second, ready made garments sector where value addition is low. Competitive advantage is low labor cost. Annual GDP growth rate 6.4% from the last five years. Ok I accept emergng market citizen.

Your English is very good. Good luck with your job search!