Jobs in Winston Salem and Chapel Hill?

Does anyone know what the investment job market is like in Winston-Salem/Greensboro and in Chapel Hill? Any particular firms I should look at? Thanks

I doubt there is much in this area. You would probably be better off looking in Charlotte. However, if you are adamant about staying in this area and are a CFA candidate, I would check out the local CFA society and try and network there.

Credit Suisse has Ops/IT/Accounting in RTP and are consistently hiring (they have a lot of turnover) and Fidelity is supposed to be moving some operations down there as well. Credit Suisse is supposedly moving some front office roles down there in the near future. I started my career with CS as a controller in RTP and now work at another European Investment bulge bracket investment bank in NYC, so there are definitely opportunities for advancement… other than that, most of the finance work is financial advisory and commercial banking, though there is small amount of research in the area and a hedge fund in Chapel Hill (I think it’s Silver_____ or something like that)

UNC’s investment fund is apparently a big deal in Chapel Hill…so I hear.

MOrgan Creek?

I believe that Duke actively manages their portfolio ($5 bln or so IIRC). Its called Duke University Management Company (DUMAC). My understanding is that UNC uses more of a fund of funds style of management (roughly $1 bln portfolio IIRC).

How about Bank of America and Wachovia?

This is good info everyone, thanks for the responses. I’ve been posting on these boards quite a bit in the last month or so, basically asking the same question: What’s the job market like in xyz town? The reason why is that my girlfriend is going through the medical residency interview process, and those of you that are familiar with the residency “match” know that the applicant does not have final say as to which location they end up. Since this is the woman I’m going to marry, I will eventually be moving to whichever location she ends up, but am uncertain about some of the locations in terms of my career. I have a total of 5+ years financial experience, the last 2 years in sell-side equity research, and recently earned the CFA charter. Ideally I could join a money management or mutual fund shop, but if a firm has sell-side research in a location I could do that too. Some of the uncertain potential job locations include Charleston South Carolina, Charlottesville, Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Richmond, Norfolk, and Winston Salem and Chapel Hill as mentioned here. The main challenge is that I can only “gauge” these markets right now, b/c there is no guarantee that any particular place will be the final location. So basically if a location has a dearth of jobs for my qualifications, we won’t rank it highly b/c staying together is the most important part of all this. Any help anyone could give for the other locations mentioned in the email, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Congrats on earning your CFA charter!!!

JRH I may be able to help, email me if you like:

If you end up in Winston-Salem, you can take a job in Charlotte (plenty of financial jobs there) and live in between the two. It is about an hour and twenty minute drive with no traffic so you should be able to find a place that results in a reasonable commute for each of you.

Very helpful, thanks. Dwight, I’ll shoot you an email later. Tobias, that’s a good call with the middle ground thing… that would apply also if she ends up in Charlottesville, I could work in Richmond and live in between… I’ll look into that…