Jobs with CAIA

I am curious to know if anyone has earned a job/internship with the CAIA certification. What are the job profiles available for a CAIA? Also, i was wondering if candidates attemping the CAIA have the CFA charter or are working towards one? I want to know more about the CAIA and its industry recognision before i get into it.

first we need enough folks on this forum before we can answer this type of question.

CAIA is still not very recognized but it’s still a relatively new designation.

Does the CAIA add value to your CFA and MBA?

It is a differentiator, that’s all. In a group of MBAs, CFAs stand apart. In a group of CFAs, CAIA stands apart, as most CFAs also have MBAs.

How about a group with cfa_mba_caia?!?!

And to continue… In a group of CAIAs, those with the knot-tying merit badge stand apart. :wink:

hehe, someone asked me this question the other day, and i honestly didn’t have a clue what the answer was. at the end of the day, i highly doubt any company will hire you JUST because of a designation. Even people with other designations like CFA or MBA’s will find that a designation comes as a compliment to their own professional experience. Will a firm like a fund of hedge funds hire you just because you have the CAIA? I doubt it. But it could be the “make or break” factor if it came down to choosing between two candidates, one with a CAIA designation, and one without. But to purely employ you just because you have a relatively new and unheard of designation like the CAIA is a bit of a stretch I think. Just my 2 cents.

What about the value of having a diverse set of skills. It might not get you that 1 billion dollar corner office, but it has got to open some doors that were limited before. I’m grasping at straws, I know. Poor CIAI, it’s like the new kid on the block.