JoeyD: - Not answering in the Boxes

In the DB question on the exam, I answered on the lined paper rather than in the boxes only realising later that there was a box for that question. I did link the box to the text by saying “Please see previous page” in each of the box spaces. Will CFA I penalise?? Many thanks in adavance.

Arrrgh. Wasted 10 minutes by not writing an answer in the alloted space and then I just crossed it wrote it in the alloted space.

Is there any grader who thinks that they do not mark it unless you put it in the boxes?? Please give me your view. Getting worried.

I think there was a guy who had a similar question after the exam was over and I think the answer was, as long as you number the questions properly you should be ok.

Considering that they do not mind you writing in pencil after specifically requesting for ink you should be fine IMHO.

phew any other views?

they wont grade your test unless you have written on the space provided for it… even if you number properly… u wont be credited for any points…even if your answer is right

FAQ on CFAI: On the Level III exam, you said not to write answers on the question pages, so I wrote my answer on a lined answer page instead of on the template. Was my answer graded? Please be assured that CFA Institute grades answers that are written on pages labeled for a specific answer, regardless of whether you used the template provided. You will not be penalized if you did not use the template. Be reminded, however, that you waste valuable time by redrawing a template that is already provided for you. Candidates should answer on the templates provided and should follow the instructions given in the template.

Yep…thank you again JarJar…superb stuff. Just went on to FAQ on the CFAI website and saw the same repsonse. was really worried about that one.

equity_research…are you on the warpath or what…10 mins ago u were being all friendly and now you are mouthing off

He’s been acting like a jack@ss for a while…I think half the forum has him on ignore.

I missed this thread - Graders bust their butts to give you every point you really earned. If they can find it, you will get points for it. You really should try to use templates, boxes, etc. so you take minimal risk though.

Joey…really appreciate the response.

farley013 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > He’s been acting like a jack@ss for a while…I > think half the forum has him on ignore. =========================================== lol and you think you aint on the ignore list of most of the ppl out here

i ain’t…yet