I remeber you commenting on your 1st hand experience with TA. You also mentioned that you’ve seen very large sums of money made using it. Just out of curiosity, what indicators were used? Were they the usual suspects (MA, SAR, etc)? Or were they something more complicated? I was just wondering. Thanks in advance!

I literally have court orders not to tell you.

Were those Court orders in any way tied to Elliott Spitzer, Joey? They might be null and void right now. Willy

Wow, I didn’t realize that it was that serious!!

Thanks though

It’s not - the guy who owns them thinks it is.

Does the guy who owns them read this message board? :slight_smile: Are you prohibited from using this information for your own use?

XSellSide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does the guy who owns them read this message > board? :slight_smile: I don’t know. > Are you prohibited from using this > information for your own use? Absolutely.

Is it because the indicators are proprietary?


proprietary like that Demark guy… lol… I remember reading about his “proprietary” TD count down in his options trading book which i thought was ridiculous. it seemed to me very arbitrary where he found a couple of charts with a distinctive pattern and made some bs rule

Alas, things are pretty much proprietary if someone decides they are and there is not evidence to the contrary. If you decide that you are going to trade something based on 8 ou of 9 days higher than a 60-day moving average or some crap, you can claim it’s proprietary and cause anybody else who knows about it not to trade that way.

Yea, that’s weak. I don’t think any TA should be proprietary, unless it clearly is. Probably the courts don’t even know what TA is, so they error on the side of conservative rulings and deem all work product proprietary.

Doesn’t this qualify as a “method of doing business”? Wouldn’t that then make any intellectual property rights irrelevant?

I got a monkey crawling out of my ass right now. Drop me an email and I’ll send him over to do your technical analysis & trading for you.

Does he have a good attorney?

You an search US Patent Applications online- pretty amazing what people try to get away with monopolizing as some sort or “unique” idea. All sorts of algo’s, etc. Plenty details are in the filings for all to read.

i cant believe how many different underwear designs are patented (google patent search)

Joey, How then are you able trade on your own without being falsely implicated in using these indicators? It seems to me that they somewhat have you cornered. -g

Let’s say that we have that worked out but, as you say, they can’t really know. (Of course, the big question is why would I use someone else’s stuff meant for trading > $500M in my personal portfolio given that it has way less than that. Makes no sense at all)