John Harris Accounting Classes Open for Registration Below is the LII schedule. Houston - TBA February 15 - 16 Washington, DC February 22 - 23 Courtyard by Marriott Alexandria 2700 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 329-2323 Boston February 29 - March 1 Courtyard by Marriott South Boston 63R Boston Street Boston, MA 02125 (617) 436-8200 San Francisco - TBA March 7 - 8 Philadelphia March 14 - 15 Courtyard by Marriott Plymouth Meeting 651 Fountain Road Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (610) 238-0695 Los Angeles March 21 - 22 Residence Inn Torrance 3701 Torrance Blvd Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 543-4566 New York April 18 - 19 Hotel Pennsylvania 401 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10001 (212) 736-5000 Chicago - TBA May 9 - 10

100 bucks more this year, huh?

Why New York has to be that late…

Because by April in Boston, there’s a baseball team worth going to see…

good one bannisja

Uh oh, $100 more? Last year he cut out Corp Fin which he used to do along with FSA…has he put that back in? or has he gotten so wildly successful that he can cut back content AND raise the price? Just asking…

oh my god. redsox fans are turning into yankees fans. i’ve heard great things about him and my company wil float the bill so kind of a no brainer.

Anyone know how soon these classes fill up? It’s kind of hard to pick a date around this time.

just registered for this thing. hope it’s as good as i’ve been hearing…

I’m signed up for D.C. on the 22nd. I also hope it lives up to the expectations!

Does anyone know whether similar accounting classes are avialable in Toronto?

you think harris would pull a gisele and demand to be paid in looney?

from how everyone speaks of him, i’m expecting him to look like gisele. wait. that sounds a little weird.

^^^ its ok, you’re excited. I think I am going to register for the Boston review. Anyone else here doing that one?

I am expecting a lot out of the class as well. I doubt there will be disappointment though. I will be in the LA one, yay!

I took John’s course for L2 after failing 1st time thru–thought it was worth every $. Still think given the $100 increase that the course is relatively cheap. Best of luck on L2. Cheers!!