John Harris Accounting Course

Did anyone on this forum take the John Harris accounting course for level 1? Is it worth the cash?..Any commentary would be greatly appreciated. I used the search function but could only find commentary on the level two course…Thanks in advance for you replies. Dubs

Dubs, I would suggest you do a search and see for your self what other people are saying. It is overwhelmingly good.

Thanks, I did use the search and found primarily commentary on the level two seminar. I Was just hoping to hear a little more feedback about the level one seminar. However I imagine if the level 2 seminar is strong level 1 probably is as well.


if you search in the L1 forum instead of L2, you will find what you are looking for. (i read them when i was studying for L1 so i know they are there)

I took if for L1. I think he only offers an L1 class in NYC. I may be off on that…but that is my understanding. And yes, imo…it is well worth the money. I would have paid twice what it costs. His notes and practive questions are great. Also…attending was a HUGE confidence booster. I knew that I would pass well before June 2 came around.

jbisback, thanks for the commentary. It is appreciated. Dubs