John Harris CFA workshops

has anyone taken this for level I or any level II retakers? Thoughts…comments…concerns… jah bless

I took it last year for level II because I wanted to cram home FRA. He is a great instructor and you will leave his workshop with a much better understanding. Also he provided a great workbook with topic outlines and practice questions. I used the workbook exclusively to study FRA leading up to exam day. I failed level II but crushed FRA with above 70% so think it was worth it. I also took Schweser three day which I thought wasn’t worth the money.

I’m going to his DC workshop in a few weeks. I’ve heard great things about John Harris.

john harris is absolutely the best instructor you will ever find for anything FSA related. His style of teaching/instruction and materials are the best. also he is available to answer any questions you might have beyond the 2 days in class as well…