John Harris FSA analysis?

Hi guys, First time poster, studying for L1 in December. I am in the depths of the FSA, specifically the income statment chapter, and it is crushing me! Anyhow, I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on John Harris and his weekend FSA class that he offers. I have heard from one source that his class rocks, but I wanted to get some more opinions for my sample distribution. Trying to decide if it is worth the $$ or if there are better alternatives, or if it is even necessary. Thx for the help!

Of you use the search function on Harris’s name, you’ll find that everybody raves about his workshops (both for L1 and L2). I’m one of them. The man knows his stuff, and is one of the most effective teachers I’ve ever seen.

I’m glad you mentioned John Harris because I’m taking his weekend workshop in NYC Oct. 17-18. I can’t give you any references other than the fact that I spoke to him and he seems very knowledgeable and accessible. Given that FSA is such a huge part of the exam, I think it’s worth the $$$.

He helped me achieve a >70% in both level 1 and level 2, Level 1 especially. FSA is a large weighting of the level one exam that it helps to get every point possible in that section. John Harris will definitely help.

just signed up! thanks for the insight and the knowledge on the search tool.

He was the sole reason I passed Level 2…it is worth every dime you will spend. Should have done it on Level 1…but did not know about it in time and had a hard time with FSA.

John Harris Account Workshop was without a doubt the best money I spent on CFA related education. He makes the concepts easy to understand and his class notes and practice problems are invaluable. I took his class for Level 2 material and achieved a >70% in FSA. The man knows his stuff and more importantly, knows how to explain it in ways it’s easy for others to understand it. FSA is a critical component of both level 1 & 2 of CFA exams. Therefore, I suggest you learn the material inside out. Having a great foundation in level 1 would be extremely beneficial. So yes, I highly recommend taking his class.

This sounds like a pretty useful tool - is anything like this available in the Dallas area? Specifically something that focuses on the FSA portion.

Harris is based in the Dallas/FW area. I believe he does some of the local society reviews. Send him an email - it’s

I signed up for his workshop in NYC in October…hope it will help)))

I have taken the workshops and passed both level 1 and 2 the first time. Scored > 70% both times. I would definitely attribute that to the great John Harris