John Harris Los Angeles workshop this 3/21-22

I read in a previous post that you should prepare a bit before his workshop – other than being familiar with accounting terms/material what is there to do to make the most of this workshop? Also, is anyone interested in splitting the cost of a room at the Marriot Residence Inn for the one night and/or carpooling from San Diego? Thanks, Chris

it would be helpful if you have already done the fsa reading before class.

Yep. This stuff is so dry that you won’t be able to pay attention and get much out of it unless you already have some familiarity with the material.

I asked the same question directly to John before the San Fran class. Here was his response. Worked well for me although there were others in the class that were more prepared. Prior to the class. Spend about an hour going back over L1 material with Lifo vs. Fifo, Operating vs. Capital Leases, and review your formulas. Be able to work out the effects of these on various ratios and what you have to do to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. That’ll help with SS#7 when he goes over FSA adjustments. ___________________________________________________________________ If you have time, read the assigned curriculum from CFA Institute. Just don’t get bogged down in the details. John…