John Harris Rocks!

just got back from Chicago…that was by far the best seminar I have ever attended…he made FSA real easy. Urge all of your current Level 1 friends to take it next year… I wish some of the other Schweser instructors or others would consider an indepth seminar on other topics…really could have used 2 days on Derivitives.

He’s good no doubt. I wish I could take the class now instead of back in late February which is when he offered it near here. Still some of the stuff he taught me is coming back as I review.

I really enjoyed his lecture as well. I think the best part is that before, I was just memorizing bunch of formulas with no understanding of it whatsoever. But after his workshop, I feel like I understand the reasoning behind the formulas, so I no longer need to “memorize” things. He really brought a lot of great insight. Also, his notes and practice problems are great. That was money well spent. Now, the $400 I just spent on a new driver…that’s a different story…

I agree that his seminar is great. I do think, however, that FSA is unique. The Schweser LII instructor (Holmes?) agreed when he said that blowing FSA is one of the key reasons that prepared candidates may fail the exam. Unlike other areas, it’s very hard to do well on FSA when you just have a decent familiarity with the material. In other topics, that familiarity will be enough to get you through a lot of questions. But knowing a “little” about FSA doesn’t get you very far.

But wouldn’t you say that its not as neccessary no that accounting weight has been reduced.

i could not get into his class in NYC. It was full. I am bitter about that.