John Harris

Does he teach Corporate Finance or $495 just for FSA (3 sections- InterCorporate Investments, Pension and Financial Ratios)? FSA section is of 15-25% of weightage. People who have already started studying FSA what is your opinion on the toughness of this monster called FSA?

He teaches at a weekly class I attend in Dallas, and he teaches the Corporate Finance section there. I am not sure if he incorporates that into his lectures elsewhere. If you email him, he will answer you. He is real good about that.

In level 1 his 2 day course was only for FSA and didn’t include corporate. I have to say that class was a big reason why I just passed level 1. A very very good teacher and really has a good simplified approach to tackling FSA. He’ll usually responds to emails in less than a day. -His site for L2 -His email

corp fi is the easiest stuff anyways. i’d almost rather him spend the time and get down and dirty with MNC’s, pensions, and the likes. tell me what he says- i’d almost hope it’s not corp fi inclusive.

JOHN’s RESPONSE _________________________________________________________ I am always available to answer your questions about corporate finance but I no longer cover the topic in my workshop. The accounting curriculum at Level 2 is complex and I only have 16 hours to cover it all. Covering corporate finance is impossible without sacrificing the accounting material. While all areas of the exam are important, candidates enroll in my class to learn and practice accounting. If I cover corporate finance, I can’t do either topic justice. John…

thank you buddy!!!

Best F*n educator I have every met. Guy rocks me socks off. I passed L1 b/c of him…no doubt in my mind. Cant wait for his L2 seminar in Philthy Philly. Traveling 6 hrs to take it (and get tore up with old college buddy)