John Rogers, CFA - Update

He signed on as a Director with OM Asset Management in London. I had a feeling he’d go back to AM…

^ Hide your daughters and wives.

He has an MA in East Asian studies?

see kids, don’t listen to all the naysayers on this board telling you that the CFA won’t help you move from a hacksaw job to a top gig in asset management.

now that was good

I doubt he’s pulling in $1.4 mil a year. He’s probably over a mil though with bonus and whatnot…

^ I’ve no idea what he is making now, but yeah, it’s not like he was hurting at CFAI.

^ Not at all. $1M+ and benefits that included babes on the side.

I’m not too sure about British babes. I hear the attractive girls in London are French, Spanish, and eastern European.

^ I wouldn’t be surprised. Anglo saxons are not known for their devilish looks.

Yeah I have stopped by London a few times and the chicks don’t seem too hot - I like those Spanish chicks with the funky hair and style

They might not churn them out in great quantities, but the UK produces some greal quality:

Elizabeth Taylor

Kate Beckinsale

Jane Seymore

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Liz Hurley

Rachael Weisz

Sienna Miller

Emma Watson

Emily Blunt

Thandie Newton

Keira Knightley (my personal favorite)

Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorites! Let’s not forget the Princess either.

^ we all know that Pippa is the hot one in that family. I don’t think a bride will ever be as upstaged on her wedding day as that royal wedding, Pippa’s arse was the only thing anyone spoke about for months.

there is massive speculation she wore a fake rear

and yes, us Brits are pretty fugly. Most Europeans countries are better for eye candy

Would that not imply that her natural arse is even tighter than the one on show?

I’ve got to go with Liz Hurley. Catherine Zeta Jones in her heyday is a close second. Emma Watson is a far third…

That made me laugh out loud.

Emma Watson #1 no contest.

Keira Knightly close 2nd.