Joining local CFA society before passing Level III.

Is this doable or is there any benefit to do so? My boss is an old CFA junkie and he always asks me to sign up for the local CFA society. Does it worth the time? Do we have to join it in order to get the charter in the end? I might join if it makes sense. Welcome to share your knowledge!

I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, but I know that we all have to be members of a local CFA society. It is a requirement for the CFA charter.

I joined after LI. Our local society has a lot of good speakers and events. It is a good place to network and they post some pretty good job ops on their website. If your company will pay for it you should do it for sure.

I joined the BSAS after LI for the same reason. Good speakers, good red sox tickets, good job listing board. Good on resume. My company pays my dues, also good.

Networking event, forcasting dinner, guest speaker…oh forgot free food too.