Joining local CFA society

I am considering joining my local CFA society to help me with the job hunt for entry level roles as a recent graduate.

What are peoples thoughts on this as a networking opportunity to get introduced to other people and so on?

Yes, its a good thing. Even better - try to volunteer on the board or even get nominated and elected as a board member. You don’t need to be a CFA charterholder or candidate to be on the board. You just need to be a member of CFAI (affilate or regular member - doesn’t matter).

grab all the chances you can.

Okay thank you. I think I shall join.

5X - have you volunteered before? How was your experience if so? (or anybody else who might be able to share their expriences)

My $0.02

I have volunteered at couple of events at local society. I didn’t help much, I already knew most board members (who were my point of contact) and didn’t get to meet the others. Offer to help with website (content management etc.) or newsletter (if you can spare some time), will get you more face time.

Volounterring helps in networking and that is you require if you have average domain skills.

I enjoy being a member of the local society, but I wouldn’t join just because you wanted to get a new job. I find it more interesting to meet new people and learn more about the industry from the guest speakers that come during our lunch meetings. Unfortunately people can usually tell if you are only talking to them because you want a new job.

Saborio - I was nominated and elected as a board member of a small society as a Level II candidate. Yes, being a board member gives you the opportunity to really get to know other board members, who are usually the types of people that could help you get a job. I think in larger societies it might be harder to get elected to the board without volunteering on a committee or something first.

5X - Thanksfor the heads up. I have spoke with the chairman of my local society and he said they are planning a big volunteer drive from next month so that most definitely sounds promising.

Do you need to have your 4 years of relevant experience before joining your local society? I dont think I have the full 4 years just yet to be a regular member of CFAI unfortunately so I dont think I would be able to join both at the moment.

if i may suggest something…

there are many events open for non-members (you just have to pay extra). i’d say go to couple of those events first because honestly, the same people go to the events and they may or may not be the people you want to network with.

and though it doesn’t hurt to join, i would say if you can get your employer to pay for membership then that’s even better.

No, you don’t even have to have passed L1 to join a local society but I believe you have to join CFAI as well.