joining the bandwagon

Anybody quickly becoming a fan of Colorado after this past weekend? I know I sure am. Buff’s beat Oklahoma and Rockies might make the playoff’s? The way things are going, I might just gain my CFA charter. Not much I can say for Cinci however.

I have been Rockies fans quite sometime, since I once lived in Denver. What they did is even inspiring. Sure, they have been lucky, too, but they have come this far without 3 opening starters and 2 lead off guys (who have more than 60 steals combined) most of Sep. They already passed my wildest dream, so I won’t be devastated if they lose tonight. Jake Peavy is tough. Conventional wisdom says good pitching beats good offence. But it would be so cool if Rockies prevail somehow. I would dare to say it will be the best thing that could happen this year (whatever happpens to Rockies after tonight). Even better than myself passing level III exam. Much to my surprise, I can see the game here on TV in Canada. You rock, Rogers Sports Net!