Jon Gruden

Whos ready for some double 2 split y banana?

I suspect I’m in the minority, but not really much of a Gruden fan.

^ why aren’t you a fan of a guy that gets on TV and says he loves every player he’s ever seen? It’s hard to find quality analysis like that

Some career higlights

“I love watching Bernard run the ball man. He’s like sticking a knife in a outlet, he’s electric man”

“Old fashioned hamburger drill”

“Split-back starship X banana attack formation”

“Andrew luck, human shredder”

“Anything can happen on any given Sunday, especially Monday night”

Cris Collinsworth FTW!!! (now that John Madden has retired, of course)

To be fair, Collinsworth also has the best play-by-play guy in the business, too.

everyone i know thinks collinsworth is a moron

so… bchad?

See below

IMO, Collinsworth is generally good, but can be dumb at times. Madden was the absolute worst. WORST! Madden would talk to the viewing audience as if they’ve never watched a football game before. He insulted their intelligence. God knows how Pat Summerall put up with him for all those years.

Of course Greenman loves Madden because he basically polished the knobs of the entire Dallas Cowboys team during their Superbowl years.

I like Chucky. He brings some enthusiasm to the program. “THIS GUY, has arms that go all the way to the ground.” haha

Madden used to say penetration every other sentence. Ruined that word for me.

Bump–five years later.

I am not a social justice warrior. Neither am I the thought police. I believe that everybody has a right to think what they want to think, and they have a right to hate who they want to hate, for whatever reason.

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