Jon Stewart

should run for office. that is all!

Any guesses on who will succeed him?

That sucks. It sucks even harder since Larry Wilmore’s show is average at best.

Bryan Williams?

champagne poppin over at Fox news

^ haha

Where will 20-somethings turn for their news now? Big Bang Theory?

Probably teh interwebz.

The commercials promoting the show were horrible. It was a leading indicator.

I hear he’s taking over for Brian Williams

I don’t really care for his monologue, but the panels and keep it 100 are interesting.

I think he has blindly copied (*) a lot of Jon Stewart’s mannerisms. He needs to develop his own style.

(*) almost wrote without thinking “slavishly aped” but that could be construed as insensitive and racist. If he was white I’d have written it without a second thought.