Joseph Abboud Sale

Do any of you wear J. Abboud stuff? Is it decent? Anyone know how pricey it is? I hear they’re having a sale and could use some new stuff as I’ll be starting a new gig soon. Just wondering if it’s worth a look. Thanks in advance!

I would stick to Zegna… or Canali at least…

Guys think at the poor people affected by the credit crunch… :slight_smile:

joseph abboud is pretty middle of the road as far as things go. like most other labels in its class, there are always “sales” going on. i don’t know what the current sale is, but i know that lord & taylor frequently has sales and they also sell joseph abboud, i think. i think of their shirts as pretty solid for quality, price, and appearance – pretty standard stuff that would be fine for work. not too keen on their OTR suits since most of them are fused i believe, but you should be fine with their shirts.