Journal of Portfolio Management

Hi everyone, Hope you all enjoy this “post” exam time to go out and stop reading technical books :slight_smile: I wondered if someone can send me an article from this journal (if he has one)? I asked for a trial but didn’t get any answers so far although I conctacted the service desk twice… What’s your opinion on this? Is this as interesting as said on the website? Thanks for all possible inputs. Paul

JPM is a pretty good journal. It’s not as high-tech quantish as the academically oriented ones, and has some pretty good stuff in it. If you want to get a sense of it, browse the issues and click on the abstracts. That’lll usually give you a pretty good summary of the whole piece. If you find an article you like, then go to google scholar ( and search for the article (use the title and/or the authors’ names). You can often find a working paper (i.e. pre-published earlier version of the paper) linked there.