JPM's Taste in Interns I don’t even know what to say. Link is SFTO.


JPM also has Debralee Lorenzana, though not hot.


She looks kind of like my sister, because of that I think she is boring. Always preferred exotic looks over blondes

Citi Energy has a girl from Playboy

I thought Debralee Lorenzana was attractive, though 1) the first photo isn’t all that great of her, and 2) she’s not so attractive that the accusation “too hot for [a bank]” holds any water, and 3) her attitude seems to suggest she’s pretty self-absorbed and probably a pain to be with. Perhaps that’s why Citi nixed her. She’s “not hot enough to put up with the rest of the stuff.”

whatever man its a cutthroat world out there and if this helps her make $$$$ why the h ell not.

S&T?!?!?! She needs to be on a deal team. Short the stock.

apparently she was the runner-up to Ms. Switzerland as well. perhaps there’s some insider trading going on here…

…and just applied to JPM.

This would be me on day one…

She’s “ok”.