July 23rd??

Just got an email stating this was the results date, is everyone getting there results on 7/23/13 it seems very late thought it was only a month as opposed to almost two months??

same here. angry

yeah, got the same email

It’s always that time of July. Last year, I think it was July 26th, and the year before on the 25th.

Is that on a Tuesday? I think they usually send them on a Tuesday.

Tuesday it is. After 9am edt. Its never before 8 weeks of the exam date. This would have meant Monday 22nd.

Yup 23rd it is. For second I skipped a heart beat though when I saw the email from CFAI and it had ‘exam results’ in the subject.

Level III get theirs August 6th.

Levels I, II get theirs on the same date.

I think I heard that it’s always the 8th Tuesday after writing? Not sure if that’s the rule but when I got mine for December it was end of January, so sounds about right.

Last year it was July 24 (Tuesday) for a June 2 exam, this year it’s July 23 (Tuesday) for a June 1 exam - sounds about right.

Says July 23, after 9 a.m.

Gosh, and I’ve got a dentist appointment at 9 a.m. on that day. This will make for my worst dentist experience yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Espeially if you get an email alert on your cellphone while they’re drilling. ouch!

What a delight, my birthday is the day before. I suppose having it the same day would have been worse.

They should have a countdown for this on the site… This weekend is going to be a painful wait

Hehe, sferns89, it says July, not June. :smiley:

hey…i have not received any email for exam result date though i have received a feedback form on the exam which i also recived before the exam.

i am really worried as to why almost evrybody seems to have got result date mails while i have not…i didnt even moved a degree from mi seat…put pencils down one minute before exam got over…didnt break any rule whatsoever…

it is scaring the hell out of me now…anyone else too who didnt get the mail on the exam result date?

Sorry my fault. Thought you were asking for the results.

have you checked to logg on the cfai website and manage my account site? If there are not restrictIons, you should be ok. Then its simply an email issue, most likely on your end.

good luck!

anybody else who could possibly avoid the banter and tell me?

sorry for the inconvience, @i-will-pass, totally unnecessary though

love lord, is it a fact that people for whom proctors think they have broken the standards of professional conduct do not receive the email? Personally I wouldn’t think so, I haven’t heard of such demeanor on their behalf. :-/

Have you tried sending an email to the Institute staff regarding this?

Checked my email hoping to see the resuts. I thought it was June 23rd. surprise

I found mine in the spam folder :S