July Results

Howdy folks! What’s your bet for when we get our results? July 27th? Earlier? Later?

Everyone feeling confident? Cheers and good luck to us all :fist:

Didn’t they let go of a chunk of their staff and say it would take just as long to mark as the paper based exam?
I’ll bet later. Feeling good and best of luck to you come results day :champagne:

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I am hoping for July 20th but thinking it might be the 27th. Having said that, who knows because as you say they’ve reduced their grading team…

:crossed_fingers: sooner the better of course. I joined the society in May just to speed thing up a touch, can’t wait for the badge :grin:

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I applied yesterday. Hope to get approved before the results come out. Outside the USA the approval process is pretty fast in many places. In the USA they seem prone to drag things out.

Nice one. I’m in the UK and reading the forums assumed there would be a mad rush of applications that would take a little while to process. Got the references in and approved the next day :grin:

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My bet would be the 27th. Less questions to grade. Everything is typed. People are likely grading from home no need to have everyone fly to one place despite grader shortage. Also I am pretty sure on the AM if you answered the first question is wrong everything else doesn’t count so they just move on to the next question. I hope the grading is fair. Good luck to everyone come results day!

Agree, and good luck to you!

Who has run out of beer ?
July 27 is faaaaaarrrrrrr away… Don’t jeet up things just now. Relax, get drunk and sleep well

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So many beers :beers::beers::beers: