Jump Straight Into Mocks?

Finished the Schweser material and did all the problems in those books, while reading, besides the challenge problems.

What’s the best use of my time now? I was planning to do the EOC and BB questions from the CFAI books now but am worried that will leave me with little time to do mocks.

Should I just jump straight into mocks now and supplement with qbank? Or do a mock and supplement with CFAI questions?

Mocks and CFAI questions

Give mock now. See where do you stand. Revise your weaker areas by practicing the related CFAI’s and other prep provider’s question. Then give another mock. Keep repeating the same cycle!

My thinking is do qbank for a few days to refresh everything (should help doing the “grade as you go” mode), then get into the mocks after that. Do a mock, budget 3-4 hours to review it, then do another and so on.

Jump straight to mocks! Or at least do one mock so that you have a concept of how you’re doing. Then you can go back to practicing individual topics. The more mocks the better though…