Jumping into back office!

Hi guys,

I’m a 2015 graduate living in Toronto. I just passed my CFA level 2 and I’m trying to get into the financial analyst position. I currently have no relevant experience as I just have an accounts payable jobs and a part-time job as a bank teller. I have heard that jumping into back office can get you closer than the current jobs I have now. But I would like to hear anyones thoughts on this especially someone who was in a similar situation.

I was told in a previous post to learn programming and financial modeling in my free-time. Can anyone recommend a good course to take. I have currently tried to push myself through agencies as well. Can anyone recommend a good agency that may push me in the right directions. Most of the agencies try to put me into junior accounting role which I would be ok with but these companies often don’t have a finance department.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Screw finance. Learn javascript and golang to become a webdeveloper, much cooler

If you do a quick search, youll find that most people on here will tell you it is very hard to jump from back office into front office. Saying that, there a lot of people on here who also say to not listen to doubters and that it is more than possible.

I am currently in backoffice and definitely want out. I am currently planning to start applying internally once my 1 year is up. until then, I am going to do my best to pass level 2 and get into MBA/MFIN. Hoping with this and some networking I can move internally into a front office role.

since you passed level 2 I would keep trying for those analytical roles and avoid getting into back office at all. If you are not having any luck after a while, maybe go apply at like SS or bny mellon and get a backoffice role for nwo and keep searching while you have some sort of income.

I can definitely try for these analytical roles but I’m competing with people with all these relevant job experiences. I’m very conflicted as well as there is often contradicting advice on the correct ways to get into the field.

“Back office” is just a normal corporate job. There’s nothing wrong with that. At any company like Google, GE, Boeing, or whatever, there are people who do operations, payroll, HR, or other functions. It’s not that different. Anyway, a regular operations work in a financial firm would be better than your current position, so you shouldn’t turn your nose up at that. There is most likely no direct route to a “high finance” sort of job from where you are. So, you should just try your best to make incremental career improvements. Anyone who tells you that you can jump into IB or something like that is lying or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

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