Jun08ers - What's your strategy?

Hello, I am just ripping through FSA and wanted to get a sense from other folks what their study strategy looks like. Mine has been reading CFAI, taking notes in a notebook whilst making flashcards for the important & tricky concepts. After I finish an LOS, I take the Schweser on-line quiz. I also plan on using the Schweser Qbank to test myself after each Study Session. I like my plan, but it is SLOW going. I started back in late-October with varying degrees of intensity. I know I will have to step it up big-time after the holidays in order to complete the curriculum. Best of luck to those taking the Dec exam in a few days…

Please post here after the 1st. Thanks.

I’m doing the same. Started in mid october and have almost completed the first book. I read the section, then read again, highlighting what I can id as key issues, then I make notecards and review the questions. I basically have a schedule laid out between now and the end of april, leaving may for a full review and sample test review. I’m not sure what to expect given this is the first time that the CFAI has their own curriculum of books. I’ve not purchased any of the 3rd party materials at this point. Also, a number of current charter holders have told me that the books seem way too detailed compared to what you need to know. So far, I’m finding that the sample questions from past tests are really high-level, concept focused questions… so I’m wondering if we need to get bogged down in the details of the complex equations with single applications (as opposed to understanding the general concept behind the principle). Thoughts?

I actually was supposed to take the Jun08 exam. Then I figured what the hell, I’ll take dec07 and see what happens. If I don’t pass I’ll take June and if I do I’ll take lvl2 in June. So I signed up for it about a month ago and now here I am. mcf, you should purchase the 3rd party stuff. It really does help alot.

I’m signed up for June 2008. I take a different strategy than most people: I’m going through the material as fast as I can. I’m 20 pages away from finishing book 4, going on to book 5. I started studying back in October. My philosophy is if I can get through the material as fast as I can now, I can familiarize myself with the topics and allow myself to go back and re-read/review everything. Yes, I will reread all six books if I have to. You actually begin to assimilate all the information when you re-read it as you are more cognizant of the topics. The first time around I go through with hi-lighters. The second time, I will use a pen to write in the margins. I do plan on purchasing a test bank on the side, probably Schweser and some CFAi practice exams. I’m sure there are people who will not agree with my strategy. To each his/her own. I’ve used this strategy through college and on my licensing exams, and it hasn’t disappointed me.

gdiddy - Your plan makes sense especially when you have time on your side for the second read. But definitely a quick read helps to gauge/adapt yourself to the program. I have similar plan but slightly different. Because of my new job commitments, I’m starting now and planning to take it in Dec '08. But plan to finish first read and online Schweser classes by late April/early May, take a CFAI test in June to re-orient for the Dec. Quick reading helps. For example, I went through Schweser TVM videos/slides for 08 and then read the book and found it extremely helpful to grasp things. And as somebody here has said - Level 1 is mile wide and inch deep and so feel multiple reads are MUST. Hence good way would be to try multiple things - videos, flash cards, quicksheets, study notes, regular quizzes and of course CFAI books to cram in that humongous stuff. So 3rd party stuff does HELP, and would recommend. I know not many would have this elaborate plan but I guess each of us will have to figure our ways to cram in this huge stuff through multiple reads, either within 6 months or more.

hope you won’t run out of energy in the end, starting so early!!! I started in mid-oct, and taking the test in a few days.

^ i started early september…but work has been a huge bit**. I wish you, and myself goodluck this saturday!

yeah need lotta motivation for that long run. But depends on next 1-2 months prep and if it goes well may enroll in March for June. You taking test for entire curriculum or bits n pieces?

My strategy? To pass in Dec 07.