June 2008 Candidates - Expectations given revised materials

Haven’t seen much in the way of conversation from people taking the lvl 1 exam next June. Given the fact that the CFAi is now providing the set curriculum, what are people’s thoughts regarding studying. I’m about 1 month into studying, having covered the first book including ethics and quantitative methods. Obviously, some of the quant methods information gets extremely detailed (e.g. the numerous calculations for assessing significance between independent means, dependent means, variances, etc.) However, when you get to the sample questions that feature questions from the 2005 exam, they are usually extremely easy and restricted to higher level conceptual questions (e.g. if you increase the sample size, will you reduce the chance of type I errors, type II errors, neither, or both) – nothing that requires memorization of a large number of equations. Any thoughts on exactly what level of memorization is advised?