June 2008 LVL 1 books CFA vs Schweiser

Hey, So I failed Dec 07 LVL1, but after feeling sorry for myself for an hour or so, I decided to to take 2008 june lvl 1 and start studying asap before I forget everything and nail it in the summer. For my dec 07 exam I had CFAI books and Schweiser notes in PDF, and I found that CFAI books were a bit of an overkill in terms of reading, and Scheweiser was better organized. I was wondering what do you guys who have registered for 2008 june lvl 1 think about the 2008 CFAI books, since you get them now as a part of the fee, and how are 2008 CFAI books compare to 2008 schweiser, if there is any improvements in CFA books this year… Getting two sets of books is kind of expensive so I was wondering if Schweiser is worth it in 2008. Also what about Stalla? Are they any good? I don’t know much about those ones. Thank you.

http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,652674 similar scenario. hope helps

I used Schweiser for my Dec L1 and am not planning to use Stalla for my June 08. I find that the classes here in NY are very good. Just my opinion here,but if you are in NY, you may wanna consider Stalla as well.