June 2008 Study group in Central NJ / Downtown NY

Hi Any one interested in forming a study group for June 2008 ? Please leave your contact details in the thread Good Luck

For what level?

Level 1 using Schweser study material

I will join if I dont pass my level 1. I will know by mid January

Expecting results in January - count me in if I don’t make it

Where are you going to be holding study group sessions?

Depending on everyones concenience I guess. I am open to suggestions. Most likely in some public library in Iselin/ Edison

Pls update if the group is active. I would liek to be parto f the group . I have space in newark.

Hi Seems like quite a few are waiting for there L1 results to start studing for June L1 exam. May be we should have a meeting some time before the results to understand where everone is and decide on location . Divyarama : Are you close to public transport in Newark ? Others : Can you please suggest of locations for group to meet and discuss.

Yes . You need to take the Light rail to my home .

I am in for Downtown NY

Hank0414x,sunil_gulati can we start a group .We are three of us …

what about place? do you guys have one already?

for now i can suggest mine.

I am in for Central NJ. The question is, is Schweser material better that what the CFA institute provides? I have compared some of the recent material with CFA curriculum, and the examples used in Schweser are the same. Even Schweser website suggests using their material as a suppliment to CFA institutes. It would be nice to confirm. Thanks,

Dhivyaramasamy, … and where is this location?


Hello everyone. Apologies for the delay. Was busy trying to get things together for this exam I have enrolled in Stalla live classes in NYC ( Tuesday evenings ) and am commited :smiley: Those interested to form a study group, please email me directly at gulatisunil @ gmail.com Happy reading Sunil

Hey buddy I used schwezer for my Dec exam and it was ok. Did not get a chance to review SFAI material - but I really liked Stalla approach and material Email me directly for any questions regards Sunil gulatisunil @ gmail.com

Please forward me any group meetings being held in NJ. I plan to sit for the exam in Dec but would like to join a study group early for best test preparation.