June 2009 exam in India, any update on the court order?

The exam is not allowed in India but there a court case is going on, result of which was due somewhere in November. Has anyone heard about this? CFAI site does not say anything about it. I googled also but couldnt find anything.

Guess its too soon to expect something to come up… last year for the juen exam the ruling came 2 3 days before the exam

no, for december 08 exam CFAI sent a mail to Indian candidates that irrespective of the decision of the court CFAI will not held the exam in India. The court ruling was pending in Nov 08. I am asking what happened to that one?

Why did the court object to the CFA exam being held anyway?

I think there was some conflict with the educational board there. That’s a very vague description thought, I’m sure someone can be more specific. To all the candidates in India, where did you guys end up taking the exam?

Although I am based in Singapore, I can throw some light on it. There is another institute in India, known as ICFAI - Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India which gives out the same CFA charter. So there is a copyright conflict which is going on between the two institutes. That is the reason why CFAI is unable to conduct the exam in India. Candidates from India fly to Singapore for the exam. It is quite unbelievable - this time around for December '08 L1 exams, there were 4,600 registered candidates in Singapore and I can vouch that more than 3,000 of them were from India. It was like being back in Delhi or something.

The copyright conflict is not the only conflict, there is also some issues between AICTE (all india council for technical education), not sure what exactly it is. And btw, ICFAI has since long changed the course offered by it to MS Finance. Lets hope we soon hear a positive ruling from court.

No, that is not correct. Still you can see big advertisements in leading English newspapers which blatantly uses CFA designations. http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Daily/skins/ET/navigator.asp?Daily=ETM&login=default This is the link for the epaper of ‘The Economic Times’. On page 5 of the 12th December edition you will find one of such advertisements. http://www.thefinancialanalyst.org/cfa_council.asp This is the link for the CFA council which has nothing to do with the CFAI we guys usually discuss over here.

yeah… ICFAI is still using “CFA” and “Chartered Financial Analyst”…losers! and thanks to ICFAI, we have to cough up so much money to fly to places like singapore and kathmandu… and God forbid if I dont clear it… the airfare and other expenses, just gets blown up! :frowning: yeah i was in Singapore too… looked like a CAT entrance exam in some center in India… more than half the ppl were Indians.

Lol…me too. Singapore just seemed the more logical choice. Nepal has Maoist tensions and Thailand was a political soup. It sucks having to spend $1100 on the trip!

I went to KL, and after that a holiday to Langkawi…

Cool… lets hope June 09 happens in India…else im planning on a trip to abu dhabi and dubai… :smiley:

why is exam not held in india?

  1. ICFAI university, Tripura, India also awards CFA, so there is litigation going for copyright infringement 2) Every technical institutions needs to be recognized by AICTE, obviously which CFAI is not and argue they dont give any technical education. Litigation is process for that also. Courts in the meantime has banned the exam in India

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