June 2010 Level 1 exam - Toronto (GTA)

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone interested to form study group ? Like meeting once a week or something just to motivate our selves lol.

Sure…I started a similar thread but got no response lol! I would be keen to join you for this

awesome, I live in mississauga. How about yourself ? :slight_smile:

I live in North York, working downtown. Do you have a number of responses?

not much! Just once I met a candidate I think he also lives in North York and work in downtown (like a month ago or more) . LOL might be you! did you ever meet someone! :slight_smile:

I too live in Missisauga. thegames let me know if you want to meet up and review.

Oh i doubt that was me, i’m relatively new to TO so have only just decided to embark on the CFA. Are you going to the Stalla workshop at U of T Next week?

hey guys, came on this thread after a while. hmm wasn’t aware of the workshop. Let me know if anyone of you also attending. alphaseek where a bouts of mississauga ? :slight_smile: . my email is ali_capri22@hotmail.com if you guys want to discuss further .