June 2010 Level I

I have just finished my Bachelors in Finance over the summer, and starting my new position on Oct. 19th. Assuming I start studying Jan. 1st would it be feasible to assume that I would be ready for the June exam? What is the average prep time people are spending on Level I? 6 months seems like it should be adequate no? Thanks

Assuming basic quants, economics, accounting, corporate finance, equity/fixed income were taught in your college, you should probably be fine with 200 over hours. Of course theres a lot a lot a lot more factors to consider e.g. how fast one is able to absorb, how much you remember the stuff taught etc etc. Its still safer to start early per se. If I were you, I would probably start as early as possible to at least go through everything once. If you feel good about it and you are those who will tend to forget stuff few weeks later, then maybe you can give yourself a break in between. Theres no point studying early to forget it in the latter more important stages.

I think you would definitely be fine starting in January. I finished my bachelors degree in Finance this past May and sat for Level 1 in June. I studied for about 150 hours and failed in band 10. It was really disappointing knowing that a couple more questions right would of probably passed me, but I only got to study for about 3 months and most of my hours spent studying were in May after graduation. The hardest part to me was directing my final review because I was so use to study guides and knowing exactly what questions would be on tests. Good Luck!

Jan is ok since it’s only been months since you finished your degree. The concepts will still be relatively fresh in your mind. You will have 5 months to “refresh” your knowledge and I think that’s enough time given your background.