June 2010 mock exams now available

June 2010 mock exams now available

i think that it is same as last year bcoz it is mentioned on the front page, 2/3 line

Although it says “2009” on it, I don’t think it is. First of all, the dreaded contago question doesn’t appear to be on it. Secondly, I’d didn’t see the porter’s 5 forces question. Lastly, the AI question wasn’t the same. I didn’t want to become to familiar with the test and just quickly looked over it so I could be wrong. Any re-takers care to comment?

That Topaz vignette sounds familiar, but they might have changed a few details around. A quick skim of the rest of the morning session didn’t look familiar at all.

Can we print the test/answers?

Are these mocks on the Cfai site or the separate assessment site? I have been trying to sign into both/either for the last hour without success! cheers.

cfai pdf

Thanks…Hopefully the CFA site will wake up to allow access to these before 05 June???

Anybody know the costs of the mock? Is one for free? If so, how much does the other mock cost?

Got 79 on the morning mock. Feel like I should be ok. Waiting till tomorrow to do the afternoon.

The mock are currently on the website, for free, and can be printed. It is one full mock (120 questions) and is seperated into 2 a morning & afternoon session. They are accessible at the CFAI website as of today.

am i correct that there is NO MORE FREE sample papers? If so, isnt it better to just purchase the MOCK rather than the SAMPLE?

Mock is free! Samples are not! what are you paying for that info???

Tried the am mock today,wasn’t really in the mood to start, had a couple of calls including a rejection from major asset mgmt co after a recent interview…came in with 39/60 = 65%. At this stage of the game I am ok with that, it gives me something to work with and don’t feel the need to panic…as such.

Got 73% on AM mock.

I got 35/60 . I was overconfident and now I am cut down to size